Wednesday, 15 April 2015


A lovely morning tea break with Wednesday Morning students in which we had lots of fun and interesting discussion.
 We were talking about wisdom and its relationship with intuition, how as we mature through decades of working in our chosen fields there is an unfolding of wisdom which can not be attained in anyway other way than through experience.
An example that was shared was a study on intuition that Catalyst recently showed. A study that examined a chief fireman whom did not know why he spontaneously ordered all of his firefighters out of a blazing building saving their lives when it  abruptly exploded. How did he know this was about to happen?  He didn't consciously think 'this buildings about to explode', but something made him act in that moment. The study revealed that through his years of experience and the gathering of information in the back of his brain; like a collection of data that all clicked together in that moment to signal a response, an intuitive response developed through decades in his field.
 To be in tune with our intuition we have to be fully present, you can imagine how fully present that firefighter would have been!
I reflected on the layers of yoga and its practice, how self awareness and presence is developed and how intuition surfaces. When you act on intuition it is not a conscious act, there is no thought process, it is spontaneous and in the very moment it is exercised. It doesn't come through mind but rather empty mind.
 Before I begin class I take a moment, a moment to empty my mind and be still. Like a radar my intuition is putting out feelers to guide me. Often students come to me after class and say "I felt that class was specifically for me".
Because intuition happens spontaneously there is no awareness of it happening, just the wisdom to know that it is there.

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