Friday, 27 March 2015


Wow my first "Blog" and how to begin!? After deleting several attempts I think it best if I start talking a little about my journey as a 'yogini' and how I view it so far from where I am sitting now.
If you look at my class timetable it hasn't changed much in 17 years and this week I felt as though I ended an era after teaching my final Thursday night class. (Typically just after printing of 1000 new colour brochures and uploading my new web page!) When I look at my timetable I recognize the dedication I have in doing what I do. I look at all the Thursday night school concerts I missed because I had to be there for my students and how the years always unfolded new students as the old ones moved on. There is no denying I am here for the long haul and I love yoga in all its essence.
 Yoga to me is to be aware "awake" so when I ask you not to close the eyes when doing certain postures in class I am merely inviting you to be awake to the process of observation which requires your full attention. When I ask you to breathe I encourage mindfulness.
In all that I do and say to do in the yoga studio, you can be sure there is a reason why, and a purpose. The only real requisite I ask of you as a student is trust and willingness because I can only teach you what you are ready to receive.